Vormantown is a module made by Troika. Its purpose was to provide an example for players and modders of Arcanum interested in multiplayer. It has an original storyline, and is not related to Arcanum's story (I think?).

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Priscilla Penn Edit

Priscilla Penn is a coquettish mercenary for hire in Vormantown who can join the player for a modest fee. Her starting equipment consists of a quality revolver, an elegant dress, and some ammunition. If chosen as a follower, she will remain with the player until either the main questline is finished or if she is instructed to leave.

Priscilla imparts little to no information about herself or her past during her travels with the player. Given her exceptional skill with firearms and Wild West mannerisms, her character is somewhat reminiscent of the real life Annie Oakley, an American performer famous for her marksmanship. She develops an interest in the player if their character is male, but this does not solidify into anything beyond the occasional flirt. It is uncertain as to whether or not she chooses to continue her travels with the player once Oren is defeated, regardless of their gender, or if she even has a canon involvement with the plot.

Priscilla is proficient in firearms and healing, but also dabbles in herbology. If given bandages or herbal ingredients, she can provide ample healing for the player and herself if required. As a gunfighter, Priscilla is best suited to ranged combat. She can dispatch of lesser creatures with ease, but will require assistance with more powerful monsters, as she does not initially start with any expertise in dodge. Although she eventually becomes adept in this skill, it is only until the later phases of her level up scheme that it is noticed. Regardless, she is an excellent supportive character for any player to consider, but will require better gear as the game progresses and becomes more challenging.

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