1 - Temple to Halcyon  Inside the temple is an altar to Halcyon, which you can use in the Ancient Gods quest as soon as you fix it. Next to the altar is a priest named Edwin Wallows. If you ask the priest if you can make an offering to Halcyon, he'll tell you that long ago a pirate named Stringy Pete desecrated the altar, and so it can't be used for offerings. However, he'll tell you that if you bring him a stone from Torin Quarry, he'll be able to replace the altar. He'll even mark Torin Quarry on your map and suggest you take Murgo (#2) with you if you need extra lifting power. 

When you bring back the stone you'll earn 4600 experience, a chunk of alignment, and a fate point. 

2 - Murgo the Half-ogre  Murgo is a helper to the priests of Halcyon. He'll help you repair the altar in the temple (#1) if you want him to.

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