Vendigrothians were the native inhabitants of Vendigroth, a country in the north-east section of Arcanum. They were an extremely inventive and scientific people, who mastered technology even before the dwarves did. They were independent, and rejected orders from the Elven Council. Unfortunately, the Vendigrothians were extinguished by Arronax about two thousand years ago because they refused to cease developing technology.

Not much is known about the Vendigrothians. Much of what we know of Vendigrothian society is extracted from their ancient newspapers. A statue at the Vendigrothian Ruins indicates that they were humanoid in appearance. They constructed highly potent firearms, gauntlets, medical devices, automata, vehicles (a watercraft, now on the Isle of Despair, and automobiles, according to an ending slide), factories, universities, hospitals, laboratories, ports, clothes, &c. They also used swords, but probably only before the invention of firearms. They had their own press, laws, politics, charities, weather services, and tidal figures. Gold coins were their currency, just like today. Death was a tragic event for them, rather than a completely normal and natural phase. They took precautions when threatened, and their scientists were quick to invent new devices.

Notable VendigrothiansEdit

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