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    Huge changed

    June 30, 2014 by Cephean

    Massively updated the item  pages so now they have separate categories for the weapons armour and new Miscellaneous objects added. Included in this was a massive update on the pictures for the Torso where they we subcategorised into:

    • Barbaric
    • Cloaks and Gowns
    • Civility
    • Chainmail
    • Leather
    • Pate

    Hopefully by categorising everything  it makes it easier to find the information that people are after. Also the stats of all of the Torso objects were added. 

    Finally, I made a huge discovery while browsing the Russian Arcanum fan pages, where I found that they have a copy of the Arcanum Beta which can be found here:

    Thanks - Cephean

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  • Cephean

    Hey guys, I've already done a lot for this wiki and ive decided to follow some advice and make a blog about the wiki; however Im not to sure what to say in this, but ill give it a go anyway. So far today I've changed the home paged adding in new buttons:

    • Quests
    • Bestiary
    • Characters
    • Skills
    • Endings
    • Items
    • Locations
    • Races
    • Combat
    • Spell Colleges
    • Technological Disciplines
    • Schematics

    And i still need to find images for Easter Eggs and followers to make a button for them. Also today I've added in a bunch of new pages for schematics with images and linking them all up. So far the pages ive added today are:

    • Clockwork Decoy
    • Explosive Decoy
    • Google Helmet
    • Eyegear
    • Helmet of Vision
    • Poison Arachnid
    • Medical Arachnid
    • Mechanized Arachnid
    • Feather Weight Chainmail
    • Elite Platemail

    The fo…

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