The Age of Legends

The Elven Council rules over Arcanum during this time period.

Kree is destroyed by a human known only as the Bane of Kree, using an incredibly powerful arcane weapon known as Kryggird's Falchion. The Bane of Kree is later banished to the Void.

Kraka-Tur write's final testament within his journal as he is trapped by the Elven Council in the Lair of Bellerogrim, the dragon he killed to assume his draconic form. He is then captured, and banished to the Void for his crimes.

Kerghan forms the Grey Legions of Derien-Ka, built of his necromantic disciples. Torien Kel is a Warlord of this group.

Sometime during this period, the assassin's guild known as the Molochaen Hand split off from the Grey Legions of Derien-Ka over ideological differences regarding necromancy. They proceed to war with the Grey Legions and Kerrighan.

Kerrighan is defeated by the Elven Council, and vanished to the Void.

The demon Gorgoth roams the countryside, devouring whole villages, including one of halflings. He was later banished to the Void by the Elven Council.

Vendigroth destroyed is destroyed by Arronax, resulting in his banishment to the Void by Nasrudin and the Elven Council. This event marks the end of the Age of Legends, and the beginning of the Common Era.

The Common Era

Dernholm, Caladon, Tulla, and Tarant are all established during this period.

In the year 1108 CE, Dernholm and Tarant go to war.

Kan Hua, a Dark Elf and the secret leader of the Panarii Faith, comes into existence on the "35th of New Sun" 1109 CE.

According to the false lore crafted by Kan Hua and the Dark Elves, Nasrudin appears to Saint Mannox in the year 1845 CE.

With Gilbert Bates' appropriation of Dwarven steam engine technology for human use, the Industrial Age begins within Arcanum. The Morbihan Forests are transformed into the Morbihan Plains during this time, as a result of excess expansion and deforestation caused by humanity's industrialization.

On the January 1st, 1885 CE, the airship IFS Zephyr makes its maiden voyage from Caladon to Tarant. It never arrives, however, as it is ambushed by Ogres flying aircraft stolen from the Arlish inventor Hieronymus Maxim's workshop in Caladon. The zeppelin is shot down in the process, killing all aboard but two: Stennar Rock Cutter, a dwarf masquerading as a gnome, and the individual who would later become known as the Living One.

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