Master of MastersEdit

How to be a master in ALL skills: (Source)

Here’s how to become Master class at all skills by level 50. I’m going to assume that you: 1) know where to get training for Apprentice, Expert and Master. 2) know all about the blessings, including the offerings, locations and order. 3) know the locations of sites so that you can “force” their appearance on your map. 4) know or learn how magick / tech aptitude affects the bonuses from items.

I’ve listed the skills in most likely order for acquisition using the least points, with the number order I did it last time. I put the tech skills last since you probably want to wait so that you can benefit longer from the bonuses of magical items. However, I first went through with a point or two in pick locks and that worked OK. Jayna needs you to have T.A. >7 to be your follower and make stuff for you, but I got her later. After the first couple skills listed below, you probably must have the Blessing of Halycon and the Vivifier to continue, unless you go for a tech skill.

Note: you do not always have to have the STAT=18 and the skill=5 to train as Master! My convention below is STAT+2, skill++; Magic/Tech Aptitude bonus is shown as +1(+2)

Your character: Male Gnome: WP+2, ha++ Charlatan’s Protege’: CH+6, ST-2, CN-2, bo-, do-, me-, thr-

Gambling Edit

(IQ=18, ga=4.5), 4 points in gambling, 

Bow Edit

(DX=15, bo=4.75), Blessing of Tere’l bo++++, Blessing of Makaal DX+1 [or Blessing of Kai’tan bo++++] 4 points in bow, [Not needed:

Heal Edit

(IQ=18, he=5), Blessing of Halycon he++++, 4 points in heal,

Haggle Edit

(WP=15, ha=4.5-4.75) Blessing of Halycon WP+2, Blessing of Kerlin ha++++, 3 points in haggle, 1 point in WP,

Throwing Edit

(DX=18, thr=4.75) 5 points in throwing, DX bonus +10,

  • req: Azram’s Star. [Don’t need: Vivifier]

Spot Trap Edit

(PE=15, s.t.=4.75) Blessing of Halycon PE+2 s.t.++++, 4 points in spot trap,

Backstab Edit

(DX=15, ba=4.75) Blessing of Moorindal ba++++ ++++, 2 points backstab,

Prowling Edit

(PE=15, pr=4.75) Blessing of Moorindal pr++++, Blessing of Halycon PE+2, 2 points in prowling,

Persuasion Edit

(CH=18, pe>4.5) Blessing of Velorian pe++++ ++++ ++++, 1 point in persuasion, Potion of Persuasion pe++, Ring of Influence pe++(+), CH+1(2)(3), Vivifier CH+1, Gypsy Blessing CH+1, Jewel of Hebe CH+1. Charlatan’s Apprentice CH+6, [Don’t need: Blessing of Kerlin pe++++, Blessing of Kai’tan pe ++++ ++++, Statue of Geshianna CH+1]

Pick Pocket Edit

(DX=16, p.p.=4.5) Blessing of Velorian DX+4 p.p.++++ ++++ ++++, 1 point in pick pocket,

Melee Edit

(DX=17, me=4.75) Blessing of Velorian DX+4 me++++ ++++ ++++, 2 points in melee, DX bonuses +9.

Dodge Edit

(DX=17, do=4.75) Blessing of Velorian DX+4 do++++ ++++ ++++, 2 points in dodge, DX bonuses +9.

Pick Locks Edit

(DX=15, p.l.=4.75) Blessing of Bolo p.l. ++++, 4 points in pick locks, T.A.+22, DX bonuses +7.

Disarm Traps Edit

(PE=17/18, d.t.=4.75) Blessing of Halycon PE+2, 5 points in disarm traps T.A.+27, PE bonuses +10:

Firearms Edit

(PE=17, fi=4.75) Blessing of Velorian f++++ ++++ ++++, 2 points in firearms T.A.+ 11, PE bonuses +9, see d.t. above. Take ship or teleport (Caladon-Ashbury) to keep Vendigroth Elixir working! [Don’t need:

Repair Edit

(IQ=18,re=5) 5 points in repair T.A. +27, Potion of Intelligence IQ+10, [Don’t need:

DX (8) bonuses: 
T.A.17 T.A.12 T.A.6-1 M.A.5 M.A.10 M.A.20
0..........0..........+1.......+1.......+2........+2 Gloves of Dexterity, +1(+2) 
+4......+2..........+2.......+1.......+2........0 Two Charged Rings, +2(+4)
?.........+1..........+1.......+1.......+1.......+2 Boots of the Dark Toll - causes fatigue +1(+2), 
+1 Staff of K’an Ta’u (location: Castle of S’nel N’fa), & PE+1,
+1 Blessing of Makaal,
+4 Scroll of Agility of Fire – temporary, 
+1 Vivifier (made from schematic and components found in Vendigroth), all STATS+1,
+2 Energizer – temporary (only 1 at large? from Pollock), all left STATS+2,
+2 Tonic of Increased Reflexes,
+2 Trapmaker Spectacles (from Disarm Traps Master – too late?), & PE+2,
+4 Blessing of Velorian
[+1 Caladon Crusading Chain – too big].
PE(8) bonuses:
+1 Staff of K’an T’au,
+2(+3)(+4) Helmet of Yzar’s Cost, or
+1 Eye Gear, or
+2 Trapmaker Spectacles, & DX+2,
+2 Blessing of Halycon,
+1 Vivifier,
+2 Liquid of Awareness,
+2 Vendigrothian Elixir – temporary (only one), all right STATS+2.
[+3 Goggled Helmet – can’t find it or Helmet of Vision to build it] 
Followers who make items:
Jayna(if your T.A. >7): Elixir of Persuasion pe++, Liquid of Awareness PE+2, Tonic of Increased Reflexes DX+2 
Magnus: Eye Gear PE+2
Sebastion: Charged Ring DX+1(+2)
DARK HELM, M.A.+10?+20? but AL-?. This seems to be permanent and subject to multiple use. Use with caution. Location: big beastie in Ashbury castle, (or Gypsy trader?)
CURSED Boots of Dark Toll (PE+): Caladon sewers?
CURSED Helmet of Y'zar's Cost (DX+): Quarry?
CURSED Staff....(alternates +3 ST,DX,CN wit -4 ST,DX,CN): Kree?
Someone once told me the name of your character (and other starting features?) is the randomizing factor for random chests. If so there might be a special name that could put one of these items in the Crash Site chest. Good Luck.

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