Cassandra Pettibone, a resident in Tarant, is rather jealous that Mrs. Willoughsby was showing off her magical elven dagger. She will ask the Living One to retrieve an elven funeral stone that has been featured on the front page of The Tarantian so that she can feel superior to everyone else in Tarant.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to Cassandra Pettibone at the entrance of Tarant and ask her about work.
  • She will want to talk to you privately, follow her into her residence.
  • Once again, ask her for work and she will ask you to go to the Elven Ruins to get the Funeral Stone for her.
  • Go to the Elven Ruins and get past the elves by either persuading them to let you pass or by killing them.
  • The Funeral Stone is at the end of the tunnels, next to some graves. It takes a lot of inventory space and is very heavy.
  • Return it to Cassandra for the reward.

Rewards Edit