Razors Pointe (W: 1503, S: 1771) is a small area at the most southern point of Stonewall Range. It will show up automatically on the world map if you get near it. It is the location of 2 large shipwrecks, one of which has the body of Princess Aria, related to the quest Find King Praetor's Daughter.


The first shipwreck at Razors Pointe.

Aria's body

The second shipwreck at Razors Pointe.

1 - Princess Aria Edit

Upon searching the body of Aria, you will find her engraved amulet. If you did not previously have the quest to Find King Praetor's Daughter, this will automatically trigger it. When you return to King Praetor in Dernholm, he will reward you 250 gold, 800 experience and good alignment. However, you can also lie, and tell him that Prince Farad in Caladon killed her, but this quest option seems to be bugged and won't reap any rewards. You can also return to Prince Farad to tell him the bad news, upon which he will reward you with 1000 gold, plus an additional 300 if you're very greedy.

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