Quirren's Poem is a book found in the University Court Library, in Tarant. Accessing the library's books requires membership. The book weighs 30 stone.


Away from the smoke and the crowding I soar
Troubled by illness and hunger no more
Goodbye to the city, farewell to the slum
To forests and fresh air and freedom I come
Behind me pollution, and poisonous air
The orcs and the gnomes and the folk who don't care

The Hadrian river, polluted and dead
Killed off by the waste that the factories shed
Up over the rooftops, past tall throats of flame
Technology, chaos, it all looks the same
They say that it's progress and good for us all
But all that I see is this nightmarish sprawl

Onwards, away through perpetual gloom
The sun is outdone by industrial boom
The stars and the sky and obscured by thick smoke
Which falls back to earth and makes everyone choke
Much faster I fly, leaving all this behind
I go with a curse for the faults of mankind

True magick remains as the one hope for peace
Not science or steam, all this progress must cease
My homeland awaits me, Nysterrial fair
The natural beauty of woodland lies there
I just can't explain it, if you haven't seen
How lovely is living surrounded by green

Oh people of Tarant, obsessed with your fire
With watching explosions and sparks floating higher
How can this compare with the Love Lights at night
The amorous males of si'im tala in flight
I sit in my tree watching nature go by
The love of it all brings a tear to my eye

A curse from my lips as my time here expires
My spell isn't endless, despite my desires
So back to my body my soul's image flies
As each time before, a small piece of me dies
I swear by my fathers, your city will pay
The debt grows much larger with each passing day

The stench and the filth that this city throws out
Is something Arcanum would best be without
But here I must stay 'til my mission's complete
To leave you would mean I'm admitting defeat
So now having seen this, you know of my hate
By the time that you read it, you're already late


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