An example of a page in the player's logbook with all four quest states.

Quests are groups of interrelated tasks that the Living One can complete for various NPCs in the world of Arcanum. Many quests are connected to other quests and share a common plot-line. They are often rooted in a specific area, and their completion may be needed to access more of that area or specific features within it.

Quests often offer some sort of reward, such as training, items, or gold. Fame or infamy can be gained depending on actions taken and the outcome of the quest.

A quest can have four different states within the logbook:

  • Mentioned: A character has mentioned the quest to the player, but the player has not yet agreed to complete it.
  • Accepted: The quest has been accepted and is awaiting completion.
  • Completed: The quest has been completed and no further action is necessary.
  • Botched: The player has failed to complete the quest. Either they have killed the character that gave them the quest, or otherwise made a severe mistake.


Crash SiteEdit

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Ancient TempleEdit

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