Picking pockets is the fine art of stealing from others. This skill allows the character to add and remove items from the inventory of another person. A failure in the use of this skill may garner unwelcome attention from his or her intended victim, if said victim makes a successful Perception check. On a critical failure the character is always caught, however - even by the blindest numbskull imaginable.

  • Pick pocket Apprentice the character is ONLY caught on a critical failure
    • Trained by Thieves (but only after discovering the Thieves Underground) or Vollinger, or Adam Maxwell in Caledon.
  • Pick pocket Expert the item size penalty is halved
  • Pick pocket Master the character cannot be caught when planting an item
    • This is a master quest you might want to skip. The master bonus is worthless, and doing the quest will lower the reaction rating of everyone in Tarant towards you. But if you really want to do it...
    • Trade barbs with Sammie, and then keep talking to him until you can ask what he does for a living. He’ll admit to being a pick pocket, and you should then be able to ask for master training. Sammie will tell you that he doesn’t want money for training you. Instead he’ll ask you to take off your body armor and run up and down Kensington Broadway. So do that and watch all the people make fun of you (and earn the reputation of Pervert of Tarant), and then go back and talk to Sammie. He’ll train you as master.