Perception (abbreviated as "PE") is a character's general sensitivity and alertness to their immediate surroundings. It has a significant impact on a character's ability to use ranged weapons effectively, among other things.


  • +1 Staff of K’an T’au,
  • +2(+3)(+4) Helmet of Yzar’s Cost, or
  • +1 Eye Gear , or
  • +2 Trapmaker Spectacles, & DX+2,
  • +2 Blessing of Halycon,
  • +1 Vivifier ,
  • +2 Liquid of Awareness ,
  • +2 Vendigrothian Elixir – temporary (only one), all right STATS+2.
  • +3 Goggled Helmet – can’t find it or Helmet of Vision to build it]

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