Composed by Ben HougeArcanum's soundtrack features an unusual instrumentation by avoiding the predominantly symphonic orchestration common to RPG soundtracks. Instead, it is scored almost entirely for string quartet. The songs follow the conventional RPG soundtrack format: short, impressionistic vignettes which are looped in-game, with each area using different tunes, and alternative songs for combat. The soundtrack was produced by Ben Houge and Jeff Pobst, with Leonid Keylin on first violin, Kathy Stern on second violin, Vincent Comer on viola, Susan Williams on cello, Evan Buehler on marimba, and Ben Houge on djemberainstick and synthesiser. The game's soundtrack has been well received, and was listed amongst the 12 best video-game soundtracks of all time by Forbes in 2012.

The soundtrack, composed by Ben Houge, was not commercially released, but is available for free download (however the website that hosted the free music has been taken down so is now provided below). The sheet music is also provided.

Song Name Download Youtube Video
Main Theme
Arcanum Main Theme02:36

Arcanum Main Theme

Demise of the Zephyr
Arcanum Demise of the Zephyr01:32

Arcanum Demise of the Zephyr

Arcanum Wilderness02:11

Arcanum Wilderness

Arcanum Tarant02:06

Arcanum Tarant

The Tarant Sewers
Arcanum Tarant Sewers02:13

Arcanum Tarant Sewers

Arcanum Caladon02:38

Arcanum Caladon

Caladon Catacombs
Arcanum Caladon Catacombs-002:55

Arcanum Caladon Catacombs-0

Arcanum Dungeons02:59

Arcanum Dungeons

Battle at Vendigroth
Arcanum Battle at Vendigroth01:33

Arcanum Battle at Vendigroth

Arcanum Tulla-003:10

Arcanum Tulla-0

The Isle of Despair
Arcanum Isle of Despair02:26

Arcanum Isle of Despair

Arcanum Mines02:40

Arcanum Mines

Arcanum Cities02:19

Arcanum Cities

Radcliffe's Commission
Arcanum Radcliffess Commission01:34

Arcanum Radcliffess Commission

The Vendigroth Wastes
Arcanum Vendigroth Wastes03:04

Arcanum Vendigroth Wastes

Arcanum Villages02:46

Arcanum Villages

Arcanum Qintarra01:55

Arcanum Qintarra

The Wheel Clan
Arcanum Wheel Clan02:05

Arcanum Wheel Clan

The Void
Arcanum The Void02:08

Arcanum The Void

Kerghan's Castle
Arcanum Kerghans Castle02:26

Arcanum Kerghans Castle

Arcanum Towns02:01

Arcanum Towns

Dwarven and Combat Theme
Arcanum - Dwarven and Combat Theme01:58

Arcanum - Dwarven and Combat Theme

In Memoriam (bonus track)

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