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In Arcanum, players are able to explore an expansion of vast land that varies across the land of Arcanum - which consists of a continental mainland and three islands. The continental mainland is broken up into five segments consisting of: the Glimmering Forest; the Grey Mountains; the Morbihan Plains; the Stonewall Range and the Vendigroth Wastes.

There is a total of 78 explorable landmark locations on the map:

Location Name:

West Coordinates: South Coordinates:
A Mysterious Location 1586 1816
Ancient Maze 1367 1582
Ancient Shipwreck 498 892
Ancient Temple 776 919
Arbalah's House 1452 1303
Ashbury (city) 503 977
Black Root (city) 1098 1441
Boat Landing on Thanatos 629 1593
Bolo's Altar 1627 1635
Caladon (city) 1604 1828
Crash Site 1453 1289
Dernholm (city) 1237 1650
Dungeon of the Dragon Pool 993 790
Elven Ruins 711 1022
Falcon's Ache 1627 564
Fan Graveyard 1060 809
Forbidden Pitt 830 1036
Gateway to the Wastes 466 741
Gorgoth Pass 1500 1442
Hardin's Pass 1288 713
Isle of Despair 323 877
Kerlin's Altar 882 423
Kree 635 1204
K'na Tha 1435 616
Land Bridge 720 1886
Leth Wyvern Sighting 1580 1009
Liam's Workshop 1179 1465
Mysterious Ruins of the Wastes 474 694
Nasrudin's Resting Place 721 1890
Old Blind Master 750 556
Qintarra (city) 1545 656
Razor's Point 1503 1771
Roseborough (city) 1752 1514
Secret Entrance to the Iron Clan 1514 1184
Secret Village 1320 179
Shades Beach 346 827
Shrouded Hills 1410 1317
Simon Fahrkus' Shack 1450 1325
Small Camp 1260 479
Small Pond 1595 882
Stillwater (city) 1190 753
Stonecutter Clan 1343 887
Strange Ceremony 1373 705
Strange Pond 617 527
Stringy Pete's Cove 682 1339
Stringy Pete's Treasure 808 1341
Tarant (city) 972 1028
The Bangellian Deeps 1178 289
The Bedokaan Village 1179 316
The Black Mountain Mines 1308 754
The Bog 1076 514
The Broken Cathedral 1629 1205
The Castle Snel Nea 640 1386
The Cold Place 1613 1413
The Home of Maximillian 320 838
The Lair of Bellergorin 768 838
The Lair of Gyr Dolours 1182 1583
The Lair of the Bogaroth 642 1765
The Old Lagoon 1695 1318
The Pit of Fires 1364 936
The Place of Lost Voices 1320 827
The Poacher's Camp 1206 276
The Ruby Glade 749 249
The Williamson Homestead 509 1113
The Woman's Camp 268 824
Thieves Cave 1529 1534
Torg's Altar 1214 1137
Torin Quarry 1419 1099
Tsen-Ang (city) 1505 297
Tulla (city) 444 489
Uncharted Cave 1046 693
Vendigroth Ruins 307 587
Village of the Ashlag Tribe 745 1700
Vollinger's Meeting Place 1230 981
Vooriden (city) 868 1191
Wheel Clan 954 667
Wolf Cave 1230 1530

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World MapEdit


Ashbury (505W, 978S)
Black Root (1097W, 1442S)
Caladon (1605W, 1828S)
Dernholm (1236W, 1653S)
Qintarra (1545W, 658S)
Roseborough (1750W, 1516S)
Shrouded Hills (1409W, 1317S)
Stillwater (1189W, 755S) Tarant (972W, 1029S) Tulla (444W, 489S)

Quest LocationsEdit

A Lair of Gyr Dolours (1182W, 1583S)
A Mysterious Location (1586W, 1816S)
Arbalah's House (1451W, 1304S)
Boat Landing on Thanatos (628W, 1594S)
Dungeon of the Dragon Pool (993W, 790S)
Elven Ruins (711W, 1023S)
Falcon's Ache (1627W, 565S)
Half-ogre Island (923W, 1698S)
Isle of Despair (323W, 877S)
K'na Tha (1435W, 616S) This area will only show up once you've accepted the throwing mastery quest.
Kree (636W, 1204S)
Lethe Wyvern Sighting (1580W, 1010S)
Liam's Workshop (1179W, 1466S)
Mysterious Ruins of the Wastes (474W, 694S)
Nasrudin's Resting Place (722W, 1892S)
Razors Pointe (1505W, 1772S)
Ruins of Szabow (1028W, 1325S)
Secret Entrance to the Iron Clan (1514W, 1185S)
Shades Beach (346W, 827S)
Simon Fahrkus' Shack (1450W, 1325S)
Stonecutter Clan (1344W, 886S)
Stringy Pete's Cove (682W, 1341S)
Stringy Pete's Treasure (807W, 1341S)
The Bangellian Deeps (1180W, 289S)
The Bedokaan Village (1180W, 315S)
The Black Mountain Mines (1308W, 955S)
The Castle S'nel N'fa (1385W, 643S)
The House of Maximillian (320W, 838S)
The Pit of Fires (1365W, 937S)
The Place of Lost Voices (1321W, 830S)
The Poacher's Camp (1205W, 277S)
The Ruby Glade (794W, 211S)
The Williamson Homestead (509W, 1114S)
The Women's Camp (268W, 824S)
Thieves' Cave (1550W, 1536S)
T'sen-Ang (1506W, 297S)
Torin Quarry (1419W, 1101S)
Vendigroth Ruins (308W, 587S)
Vooriden (871W, 1193S)

Wheel Clan Main Level (,)

Other Notable LocationsEdit

Ancient Maze (1367W, 1585S)
Ancient Ruins (1755W, 1480S)
Ancient Shipwreck (499W, 892S)
Ancient Temple (776W, 920S)
The Bog (1075W, 515S)
Bolo's Altar (1626W, 1636S)
Broken Cathedral (1627W, 1207S)
Crash Site (1452W, 1292S)
Dark Elf Camp (345W, 650S)
Forbidden Pit (831W, 1033S)
Gateway to the Wastes (466W, 742S)
Gorgoth Pass (1500W, 1443S)
Hardin's Pass (1288W, 714S)
Kerlin's Altar (882W, 423S)
Land Bridge (720W, 1886S)
Old Blind Master's House (750W, 556S)
Old Lagoon (1695W, 1319S)
Secret Village (1320W, 181S)
Small Camp (1261W, 479S)
Small Pond (1595W, 882S)
Strange Ceremony (1373W, 706S)
Strange Pond (618W, 528S)
The Cold Place (1611W, 1415S)
The Fan Graveyard (1060W, 809S)
The Lair of Bellerogrim (769W, 839S)
The Lair of Bogaroth (640W, 1765S)
Torg's Altar (1215W, 1139S)
Uncharted Cave (1048W, 695S)
Village of the Ashlag Tribe (744W, 1702S)
Vollinger's Meeting Place (1230W, 982S)
Wheel Clan (953W, 668S)
Wolf Cave (1230W, 1530S)

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