• Esc Key main menu
  • F1 Key walk
  • F2 Key attack
  • F3 Key commands followers to stay close
  • F4 Key commands followers to spread out
  • F5 Key command all followers to stop fighting
  • F7 Key auto-save game
  • F8 Key auto-load game
  • F12 Key take a screenshot
  • Num Lock Key toggles run-always
  • Shift Key + Left Mouse Button stand in place
  • Ctrl Key + Left Mouse Button run instead of walk
  • Alt Key + Left Mouse Button force attack/drag a corpse
  • Enter Key switch to the chat rotating window
  • Spacebar closes any interfaces/switches between turn-based/real-time combat
  • A Key perform "active" hot key action
  • C Key character editor toggle on/off
  • F Key fate point window toggle on/off
  • I Key inventory toggle on/off
  • L Key logbook toggle on/off
  • O Key bring up the options menu
  • R Key toggle ready/unready mode
  • S Key sleep UI toggle on/off
  • T Key tech schematic UI toggle on/off
  • V Key display version info
  • W Key world map UI toggle on/off
  • , Key attacks will be called-shots to the head
  • . Key attacks will be called-shots to the arms
  • / Key attacks will be called-shots to the legs
  • E Key ends turn-based combat round
  • K Key skill UI toggle
  • M Key magic spell UI toggle
  • Home Key center screen on your character

Graphical ChartEdit


Visual map of Arcanum's hotkeys.

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