Location: This schematic can be purchased from Gun Shops.

Ingredients: Explosive Grenade + Elephant Gun

  • Requires items derived from the seventh schematic acquired while graduating in the Gun Smithy Discipline and the fifth schematic acquired while graduating in the Explosives Discipline plus an Expertise level of eighty in the Gun Smithy Discipline and an Expertise level of sixty in the Explosives Discipline. 
  • Franklin Payne has an Elephant Gun when you encounter him. 
  • one of the poachers near the lizardmen village (part of a quest involving the village) has an Elephant Gun
  • The poacher's chief has an Elephant Gun, for encounter the poachers Kan Kerai's quest should be accepted. 
  • One Explosive Grenade can be found in the thief cave at the Crash Site. 
  • Pollock will give an Explosive Grenade to technological characters that will join his gang.  
  • One item can be obtained per unit of both components. 

Effects: Causes additional Fire damage.

Grenade Launcher

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