West 1500 South 1441

Area Note  Gorgoth Pass is difficult, but possible, to find from the east side: You'll need to know the exact latitude, and also that in the isometric view, west is left+down, not left. Finding it from the west side is easy when you have the coordinates. Nobody in the game gives you the location of the pass. 

Once you have gone through the pass at least once, you'll be able to go through it on the world map. Sometimes a glitch occurs that allows you to go through it on the world map without having to fight your way through first. 

1 - Corpse  You'll find (hexed) consuming plate mail on the corpse. 

2 - Kaitan's Altar  Kaitan's altar is a part of the Ancient Gods quest. Kaitan wants a geode. Conveniently, you should find a geode on the ground nearby.

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