"Gorgoth was a mindless demon, roaming the countryside. He had an insatiable appetite, and would eat anything he came across. And [he chuckles], this is the funny part, he happened upon a village of halflings and ate them all! It seems he had a sweet tooth for halflings! Hah! Isn't that great?"Professor Eakins

Gorgoth is something of a legends; he was banished to the Void for his insatiable hunger and willingness to eat anything, including entire villages. Although his statistic page lists him as Human, he is always referred to as bestial and has a monstrous, disfigured appearance. In order to convince Gorgoth to join, all the Living One must do is momentarily satiate his hunger. When Gorgoth is found in the Void, he'll mention that he's hungry. If a void animal carcass is within the inventory (can be found on void lizards in the area), then he'll accept that for food and become available to join.

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