Walkthrough Edit

  • Northeast of Tarant there are some ancient ruins. On the west end of the dungeon you will find the Torian Kel key.
  • Use the key to open the door on the east end of the dungeon and speak to the crumbling skeleton. It will ask you to bring it some dragon's blood. It will mark the location of where to find some on your map.
  • Go to the Dungeon of the Dragon Pool to the northwest. Click on the pool on the 2nd level of the dungeon to receive a Vial of Dragon's Blood.
  • Return to the Ancient Temple and use the Vial of Dragon's Blood on the crumbling skeleton to release Torian Kel from the curse. He will tell you his story and may accept an offer to join you.
  • For the patched version Torian Kel will attack when he sees you, but you still able to make a conversation with asking all the group member to wait then goes invisible, this trick also works for Madam Lil at Tarant.

Rewards Edit

  • If you are evil Torian Kel can become a follower.
  • The patched version makes a good character able to get Torian Kel, but Magnus will refuse to stay in the group.