The amulet of T'Nala is a family heirloom that once belonged to Gaylin, the herbalist living in Shrouded Hills. If the Living One asks her about any available work, she will mention the necklace's disappearance and tell the Living One to keep an eye out for it on his or her travels. She promises to pay a handsome reward for its return.

Walkthrough Edit

  • The amulet is being worn by an elf named Myrth, located in Stillwater.
  • It can be obtained from him either by stealing it or by taking it from his corpse after killing him. It can then be brought back to Gaylin.
  • After, she can be asked for the location of Qintarra.

Note: the Amulet_of_N'Tala grants +1 ST, +1 CN, and +100% healing rate, so it may be worth keeping if Qintarra has already been discovered. Alternatively, the amulet can be stolen from Gaylin after it has been given back to her.

Reward Edit

  • 1,700 experience
  • 1,000 gold