Containers are objects such as chests, barrels and industrial crates. During your adventures in the various dungeons of Arcanum, you will encounter many such containers.

Containers can oftentimes be trapped, so having a high Trap Disarm skill may prove useful.

The spells Unlocking Cantrip and See Contents are directly related to containers.

Types Edit

Rubbish Bin Edit


An example of Rubbish Bin contents

Throughout Arcanum there are many rubbish bins (also known as garbage cans) in towns that can contain useful objects, which includes:

It is not safe to store items in rubbish bins as their contents regenerate over time.

Magickal chests Edit

Chest Fancy-2

There are three types of magickal chests:

  • Magick Chest
  • Mystic Chest
  • Arcane Chest

Their contents are pseudo-random and are determined by your character (see Generation below).

Some of the items they may contain:

  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Robes
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Leather Armor
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Chainmail
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Platemail
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Sword
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Axe
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Mace
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Bow
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Staff
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Shield
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Helmet
  • Charmed/Magick/Mystic/Arcane Gauntlets
  • Mnura Coin
  • Kathorn Crystal
  • gems (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, etc.)
  • gold (around 150 on average)
  • jewelry (vanity rings and medallions, such as Silver Ring, Ruby Necklace, etc.)

Common containers Edit

These have fixed content oftentimes, but may contain random items in dungeons.

List of common containers:

  • Wood Chest
  • Black Chest
  • Chest
  • Fancy Chest
  • Dwarven Chest
  • Barrel
  • Safe

Technological crates Edit

The technological variant of the magickal chests. These will contain random crafting components or other such items.

List of technological crates:

  • Factory Discards
  • Industrial Salvage
  • Packaged Components
  • Parts Crate
  • Shipping Crate
  • Storage Crate

Some of the items they may contain:

  • ...

Altars Edit

These are used for the Ancient Gods quest:

  • Altar Good
  • Altar Neutral
  • Altar Evil

Other containers Edit

  • Body
    • does not refer to dead NPCs, but rather a special container with fixed items (Liam Cameron's skeleton is an example of this particular container)
  • Plant
  • Junk Pile
    • a player can create a Junk Pile type container by dropping multiple items on the same tile, it will disappear after all but one item from the pile are picked up

Generation Edit

The loot in some containers in the game is generated based on your character's name and three other characteristics - gender, race and background. This means that if you start with the exact same character in every playthrough, you will get the same items loot from containers with randomly generated contents (containers with regenerating contents such as rubbish bins may not be affected by this mechanic). You can test this as soon as you start the game - on the west side of the Crash Site you will find a Magick Chest. Check its loot with your current character, then make the exact same character (same name, race, gender and background) and check it again.

Also, generic magickal items have 4 tiers:

  • Charmed
  • Magick
  • Mystic
  • Arcane

If the chest you are looting is a Magick Chest, and the game puts - for example - a staff in it, that staff cannot be a Mystic or Arcane staff. It can be either Charmed or Magick.

Useful Starting Character Seeds Edit

Post the character seeds (name, gender, race and background used) which provide the best or most interesting starting equipment from the Magick Chest at Crash Site here:

Character Name Gender Race Background Loot Notes
SeedTest1 Male Human No significant background 149 Gold

Heal Lesser Wounds

Just an example...
chest1 Male Human No significant background Charmed Staff, Magick Gauntlets, Heal Poison, Ruby, Heal Lesser Wounds, Mnura Coin Amazing contents, but unfortunately with a quite generic character

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