The third schematic acquired while graduating in the Mechanical discipline

Ingredients: Lockpicks Small Springs

  • Lockpicks can be purchased from Inventors' Shops and from the Thief Underground shops in Caladon and Tarant , they can also be found on the Skeleton on the left part of Wolf Cave and in the trash bin outside Poone's Flophouse at 13 Low dervish Road.
  • Junk Dealers only sell Crude Lockpicks which cannot be used to create the Auto Skeleton Key.
  • Junk Dealers sell Small Springs.
  • The third schematic acquired while graduating in this discipline.


  • Increases Lockpicking Skill of ten percent.
  • A magical character can hardly take advantage of this item.

Used as a ingredient in:

  • N/A

Item Page

Auto Skeleton Key

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