Aptitude Edit

There are three aptitudes in Arcanum:

  • Neutral Aptitude - 0 means that character is neither a mage or technologist.
  • Magical Aptitude - means that character can get ( greater ) bonuses from magical objects or spells (more HP from healing, but more damage from magic as well)
  • Technical Aptitude - opposite to magical. Character doesn't get bonuses from magical objects, spells don't affect character properly (less HP from heal/damage magic).

Technical or Magical? How to adjust aptitude? Edit

  • Putting character points into magic spells raises your magical aptitude/lowers your technological aptitude.
  • Putting character points into technological disciplines does the opposite.

The Dark Helm will change the character aptitude by 10 towards magical PERMANENTLY (alignment will be adjusted by -10 towards EVIL as well). Removing and putting helmet again will stack up.

Magical aptitude > 50 Edit

Att mgck
  • Technical shops (inventors) won't sell to characters.
  • Character can't use trains.

Technical aptitude > 50 Edit

Att tech
  • Magical shops will not sell to character.
  • TA above 95% (?) - character can't cast spells (Teleportation will not work etc.)

Neutral aptitude (0)Edit

Att ntrl

Character is moderately affected by spells and technology

Scenery influence aptitudeEdit